Wednesday, May 2, 2012

9 Spices With Super-Healing Powers

9 Spices With Super-Healing Powers
Have you checked your spice rack lately? Spices and herbs can do a lot more than add pizzazz to your cooking, they can also promote heart health, fight cancer, reduce inflammation and more. Here are nine super spices and herbs that are good for you and taste good, too.

GARLIC wards off heart disease.

CINNAMON consumption is linked to lower blood sugar.

CURRY for joint health.

STAR ANISE aids digestion.

CARDAMOM improves energy.

Chew on CLOVES to alleviate toothaches, sore throats, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

CUMIN boosts immunity.

FENNEL SEED soothes your intestines.

GINGER remedies aches and nausea.

Do your own research!